13 авг. 2017 г.

Skyrim Animation Tools

Экспериментальные функции по импорту в редактор 3ds Max бинарных файлов движка Havok,
используемых для хранения скелетов и анимаций.

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    1. This is an experimental function. It needs a lot of work. Maybe someday it will be completed and published.

    2. Thanks for the aswer, but what do you think in made a Patreon page to receive support in yours projects, and yours Patrons will receive the Alpha versions and support your projects, this not means sell your work, only a help with the testings and the support of final products, think that please, my personal e-mail is neothiagokyo@gmail.com, i wait your feedback, thank you so much! And carry on with your very nice work!

  2. Please friend, share the Plugin/Script, please friend. I will apreciate experiment too. Thank you so much!

  3. Обалдеть! :) Отличная работа!